Psychotherapist (CBT)
Neuropsychologist of
cognitive development
Essex University, UK
Ba in Psychology
MSc in Cognitive Developmental Neuropsychology
Higher education, practice in urgent psychological help, experience in educational psychology and kids development I received in England, where I lived for 9 years.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
1997 — 2000
Master of Science in Cognitive Developmental Neuropsychology 2001 — 2003
There are no problems, only solutions. And the best solutions are found via correctly formulated questions, which I am happy to help with. CBT Psychotherapy offers scientifically validated protocols and effectively teach adult and young clients self-care methods.
Individual sessions
Commercial consulting
for Adults, Adolescents, Children
Motivational, introductory session & therapeutic roadmap - 60 minutes
Therapeutic sessions - 50 minutes
Educational seminars
& Group therapy
for adults
for adolescents
Schools & Universities
Social Projects
TV programmes
Personnel & HR
Development and education of children and adolescents

Individual psychological health

Domestic violence and abuse

Family relationships

Effective management and development
Co-pesenter and Chief Psychologist at STB social TV program "Honey, we're killing the kids!" (BBC 3 format)

My role in the programme, beyond working with families on camera, was to test children on psycho emotional state and development as well as consults parents about their optimal care and relationship and bonding improvement.
Guest and Expert
in various TV projects
"Pregnant at 16", "Everything will be fine", "Let's talk about sex", "For Life", "One for all", "DNA", "How to get married", project College (TV channel STS)
Shooting a TV reality show is one of a kind field practice as well as opportunity to study and observe actual problems families may havein greater depth. Such an experience is hardly possible to get from the stories told by clients in a cosy psychotherapeutic office.
What questions can you ask?
Topics I work with:
panic attacks, anxiety, depression, tics, PTSD, perfectionism, ADHD, OCD in children, Spectrum autism (developmental optimization road map), dyslexia, anger, procrastination, burnout, eating disorder in children and adolescents, sexual literacy in children and adolescents , child development and deviations from the norm, kindergarten, school performance, adolescence, parent-child relationship, grief, divorce, decision making, fears, life crises, violence, personnel management, motivation, skills, adaptation to new living conditions, selection of personnel to the team according to psychological parameters, psychological conclusion to the court (in Russian, Ukrainian and English), and much more
It's easier to say what I don't work with:
- alcohol and drug addictions,
- OCD in adults
- narcissism in adults
- consequences of war
- personality disorders
How to get an appointment?
Leave your contacts and name in the "Contact Me" form and I will message you as soon as I can to offer you time for an appointment. Online appointments are the fastest.
How does this happen?
We agree on a mutually convenient time and in case of online session which messenger to be used. All online sessions must be with video. A bill can be paid an hour in advance. If you are from abroad, an invoice can be issued in the currency of your country, which can easily be paid online using Apple or Google Pay. There is no PayPal available.
What is needed for the first consultation?
Usually nothing is needed. But if there are health issues that need to be discussed and you do not remember the conclusions and recommendations of the doctors, you can take them with you.
If you are concerned about your health, you can undergo a medical examination before your appointment. But we can also build an optimal survey plan together.
During the initial consultation, the client's request is clarified, the life history is collected and a work plan is built. CBT therapy methods are explained to involve the client in self-help tools.
What is CBT Therapy?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most effective self-help tools according to numerous studies.
Self-is a key moment of therapy, which indicates that the client (not the patient!) is learning the mental processes that affect his condition, learning self-help methods, developing these methods together with the therapist and is able to continue to maintain a better quality of life.
A CBT therapist can be compared to a fitness trainer-rehabilitator, who will not only help and teach how to restore health with the help of certain exercises, but will explain in a scientifically clear way why these methods do help.
Thus, understanding the processes and patterns of the psyche and the body as a whole, a person realizes that his health is in his hands, and methods are the control panel for his well-being.
In CBT, we learn to understand the algorithms of thinking (cognition) and behavioral responses to emotions (mental and bodily) that arise as a result of our automatic thoughts. As you can see, the psyche is algorithmic and cyclic. We learn to break destructive cycles and rebuild constructive ones.
Do you work on the weekend?
Rarely, in emergencies. On Saturdays, webinars and thematic mini-groups are held, both online and in the office.
How do I make an appointment for a child or teenager?
A consultation is a solution to an issue, assistance in making a decision, a guide or a map of a comprehensive solution to the issue of health and development.
Therapy is a regular, controlled work with psycho-emotional issues.
How do I book a child for a consultation?
When the issue concerns children, it is obligatory to meet with parents (or one of the parents) first in order to collect the history of the child's birth, development and life experience. You will also get the first recommendations algorithms of own behaviour toward your child to change the situation. Children are rarely allowed to be with parents during the first session because they feel bad and guilty when their issues are discussed in front of them. Next session is with the child alone with a an additional follow-up session with the parents for further recommendations.
Should a child require a therapy, parents are necessarily involved in occasional individual and/or joined sessions as co-therapists in order to support the therapeutic progress of the child.
Where is the online consultation taking place?
Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime, etc. As you wish, in any means of video communication.
Only repeated consultations are possible without video communication or on the phone.
How many consultations do you need?
The answer is obvious :) depends on the request and the situation. But in CBT therapy, there are therapy protocols that give approximate average statistical calculations from 12 to 21 days.
Taking into account comorbidities (a combination of diagnoses), requests, and traumatic events, the number of sessions may increase. But it's all up to personal preference.
What if I didn't like it?
One of the most important principles in CBT psychotherapy is the therapeutic alliance. If a client is not comfortable with the therapist, it is more than okay to say so. The therapist himself asks, and more than once, if you are comfortable and if the style of the therapy is appropriate in order to help the client not feel guilty or obliged.
If you are not comfortable, I will be happy to recommend my colleagues, whenever possible, taking into account your personality and individual needs.
What is the price?
Initial hour costs £120, and all the following hours cost £100.
How can I pay for admission?
You can pay by card number:
Privat bank 5363 5420 1714 3745
Monobank 5375 4114 0450 4214
Liubarevych-Torkhova Viktoriia
Or via invoice that is sent to your e-mail. Therefore, please kindly provide your e-mail, phone number and currency name if you want to pay in your currency online without any commission.
How can I invite you as an expert?
Seminars, webinars, lectures at school or a corporate consultations on projects and HR issues - such requests should be made at least couple of weeks in advance.
Payment is made in advance, in full, after the goals, expectations, plan and deadlines are agreed and approved, no later before than 4 working days before the appointed event.
(Physical individual entrepreneur, FOP) Liubarevych-Torkhova Viktoriia Anatoliivna
(Recipient code)
(Recipient's bank account)
(name of bank)
Force Majeure:
If the event is canceled on my part, I will refund 100% of the prepayment.
If the event is canceled by you 3 days or less before the event, I withhold 40% of the prepayment.
N.B.: these conditions do not apply to individual consultations. Since my priority is psychotherapy, I leave the terms of payment, booking and cancellation of appointments with clients flexible.
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